Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How many bricks does it take to build a wall?

Here's a few pics of what I wore yesterday. I love wearing these kakhi cargos. So comfy and heaps of pockets which is handy. I got them for $10 from cotton on which I was stoked with. My t-shirt I got when I went to Roger Water's concert The Wall, at the end of February. The picture on the front is of 'the teacher' from the song 'We don't need no education' which is also written on the back of the t-shirt. I'm a bit of a concert fiend and 'The Wall' is right up there with the best that I've been to. My cardigan I got two years ago for $18 from a cute Vintage shop on Cuba St called 'Pieces of Time.' The lady who runs the shop also sells an amazing collection of hats.
 I haven't posted for a couple of day so I thought I'd give you a break down of the week so far in a pros and cons list.

  • Back on the Gym buzz. I've been to yoga and zumba so far this week and I'm loving it!
  • Made a good batch of Piklets. I had to stop myself from eating them as I was making them, they were that good.
  • Ticked off a few things that have been on my To- Do list for a while, including give my room a good sort out.
  • Sore from the Gym! 
  • Feeling tired and getting migraines.
  • Starting to get a bit stressed out about the next seven days..I have three tests, one essay and a speech all due. Ek!
 Wish me luck and hopefully I'll also have a decent outfit post and daily life post for ya tomorrow xx

Übersetzung ( German Translation)
Hier sind ein paar photos wie ich Gestern gekleidet war. Mein t-shirt ist von Roger Waters Konzert 'Die Mauer.' Ich habe es in Februar gesehen. Es war vielleicht mein lieblings Konzert.
Ich habe nicht für ein paar Tage geschrieben, deswegen wird ich dich eine Liste von meine Woche bisher geben.

  • Ich gehe wieder in Fitnessstudio. Ich mache Yoga und Zumba und es macht so viel Spaß!!
  • Ich habe gut gebaken. Ich habe kleine Palatschinken gemacht und sie waren echt leker.
  • Ich habe mein Zimmer gesäubert.
  • Mein Körper tüt weh von Fitnessstudio!
  • Ich bin müde und bekomme Migränekopfschmerzen.
  • Die nächste sieben Tage wird stressig sein...Ich habe drei Prüfungen, ein Aufsatz und ein Vortrag. Ek!
Drüke die Daumen für mich und morgen schreib ich zwei mal xx

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