Saturday, 26 May 2012

More than okay

I am aware that I went two days without making any posts, and not only because my sister called me repeatedly to check I was okay because I hadn't made any haha. Truth is I was just busy with life. Today has been close to perfect. I got to sleep in after last night's pub crawl (see earlier post on that one) and then had chip butties with left over chips from last night's fish and chips. My fav! ( By the way chip butties are bread and butter with hot chips and tomato sauce and are one of my fav foods.) I then had the rest of the afternoon to myself snuggled up in leggings and a hoodie, reading my Vogue (see previous post) and sucking on my fav asian lollies from the local asian supermarket. What a perfect lazy day. Now however, study and assignments are calling my name rather loudly. What did you guys get up to today?

(These are my fav asian lollies. They're hard boiled and delish.)

P.s. I've noticed on the days where I post more than once, only the latest one receives views. I just wanted to let y'all know I've put up three today!!! And I've got another scheduled for later too. So scroll down and check them out. Another easy way to see them all is by following me through blogger or blog lovin. It honestly takes 10 seconds to sign up and then they'll let you know about every post individually so you won't miss any. (Cause they're all super interesting and you wouldn't wanna miss out :) ) Have a good Saturday night guys! xx

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