Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday Monday

 After the 'Weather Bomb' got dropped on us last night, I was feeling particulary grateful for today's mild wind. An afternoon at Oriental Bay won against study, the library can wait for tomorrow. Here's how it was in Welly..

 I love this old building and the walk up to it.

The highlight was defs this gelato though! Dark chocolate and Green apple mmmm mmm

Catch you tomorrow

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was pretty lax, as far as even Sundays go.  We went to the fruit and vege markets which I always enjoy. The atmosphere and all the colourful produce..what a way to brighten a sunday morning!!

Later on in the day I finally got a project done I'd been meaning to do for ages. I read about it around Easter time and have been meaning to try it out ever since. As goes for a lot of projects, my results weren't quite as good as the ones on the website I read, but I'll try it again and hopefully I'll improve. If you wanna check out the real deal, check it out here. Otherwise this is me dying some eggs!!

 The ties I used
 Eggs all wrapped up

 Boiling them up

And the final result!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lolly Cake

Before I went to the movies ( I saw The Avengers and it was awesome btw) I threw together some lolly cake. Baking is SO satisfying. Especially when it's easy. All you need is malt biscuits, fruit puffs, condensed milk and butter, chuck it altogether and waahlaah!! So these are the pictures of me in the process of making it and licking my fingers which is the best part of course! And now I'm sitting here posting to you, drinking a cup of tea and sharing the lolly cake with my flatmates..Enjoy your Saturday night..Stay safe guys

Waiting for Rain

  What to do with a rainy weekend? Although it's not currently raining, the heavens did already open once this morning and the grey sky that has been left over still looks rather ominous. I've got on my most wooly socks and my hiking look-a-like boots so hopefully my feet don't get wet. I'm also making the most out of this trench that got left at my house and I'll have to give back any day now. Anyways I'm off to the movies (obviously the best option in this weather) so catch you later.......

P.S. I'm also trying to make my way onto lookbook so please hype me by pressing this button...xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Back to Black

I'm not usually big on wearing all black but today is an exception. I bought this RPM poncho at the start of the summer season last year. It was love at first sight. How could I resist? Plus as a friend pointed out/ quoted from a movie whose name I can't remember, you can never be unhappy in a poncho!....It's almost Friday peps...hang in there...

Guuuurls Night!!

Wednesday night is student night in Wellington, so a few bars and restaurants have 2-for-1. My friend Nicky had a great idea to take advantage of this and have a girls night. 2-for-1 cocktails were the go and we went to Good Luck and The Library. I featured The Library in a previous post but I didn't get to show you much of it so here you go!!

 This was one of the drinks I got at Good Luck...It tasted like Apple Pie!

 This is the cocktail I got at The Library. It was called the Girl Next Door and while my initial explaination of its taste as a white chocolate coconut peanut slab didn't quite suffice, someone else's suggestion of a white chocolate bounty bar fit the ticket. (On the right, The Girl Next Door is standing next to a Miss Peacock)

One of the alcoves at The Library

Our Girls night was later hijacked by some manly men
This is pretty much what I looked like for the night.


We will Remember Them

Yesterday was ANZAC day which is probably one of my fav days of the year. It's the one day where I whip out my patriotism, get up at somewhere near 5am, get my hands on a poppy and get down to the nearest dawn service. The airy-ness of the morning gives me shivers and the last post never fails to provide goosebumps. And even though the biggest thought around ANZAC day might be the joy at a public holiday, I do find myself reflecting on what the horror of war must be like and find myself thankful to not have experienced such a horror.

On a lighter note, I spent the rest of the day off going out to scorching bay, which in my opinion is the best option for a beach Wellington has. The sun shone but the wind blew strong and cold. Nevertheless it was a lovely adventure and our picnic was a success.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Daily Grind

Halfway through the day and so much still to do. I have a two hour lecture at 1.00pm which might be hard to get through, especially since I didn't bring any jelly beans with me today. They always make everything seem more managable. It's my turn to cook dinner for my flat tonight too... any ideas anyone???

p.s. This is what I'm wearing today.....

Monday, 23 April 2012

First Day Back

 Today was the first day back at Uni after the mid-term break. My backpack was heavy with books and the day was full on. This is what I wore though in hindsight I should have taken the wind into more consideration! The wind made it a bit more nippy than it has been recently and it feels like Autumn is really settling in. Anyways better go get onto my course work before it creeps up on me any faster! Happy Monday peoples!!