Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Flowers

Here's a little something pretty to brighten up your day, I know they make me feel generally better anyway! And just incase these flowers don't do the trick, at least it's Friday!! May the weekend bring you many good things xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Bit of Fun

  On the weekend my friend Lindsay J, who I introduced to you previously here, came down to Welly for three days to celebrate her 22nd birthday. On Saturday we caught up with some close friends from high school and had a good, good time. First things first, I made a reservation at the wrong restaurant so we had to go on the hunt for somewhere that had a table of six at peak time on a Saturday. Luckily we found one at Casablanca on Cambridge Terrace which is a super cute Morrocon BYO. So with bottles of wine in hand, we settled in for a feast.....

 After dinner we headed to Chow for two for one cocktails (brilliant idea for a Saturday). Needless to say it was a winner...

As Chow was closing up we decided to move on to El Horno, where unfortunately I took no photos because I was too busy having a good time! It was a successful night and Linz and I were photogenically on form, pretty much the whole time haha

  Until next time....xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

With You in Mind

 What an interesting day of ups and downs it's been. The majority of the morning was spent stressing over how stressed I'm going to be in about a month from now when everything is due, but maybe I'll get everything done early and keep my cool.....yeah right. I also recently found out I can't have any gluten or dairy or SUGAR (?!!!?!) for the next few months which is making eating a challenge and putting a downer on things at times.

 But onto the outfit....the light was playing some serious tricks when I was taking these which didn't help but I'm pleased with the outcome anyway. I've been meaning to wear this lace shirt for ages, I picked it up from Glassons a few summers ago, right when lace was hitting the mainstream.I thought it paired well with my chiffon shorts from Kmart and I just had to show-off my new trench to you! I picked it up yesterday at a secondhand store for $4.50 which comes to no surprise except's Yves Saint Laurent! Woohoo yay go me whoop whoop. So stoked on this one (incase you couldn't tell) and the fabric is sooo soft.

What do you think? Have you made any thrifty purchases lately that you're dying to share??

Catch you on the flipside....xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In the Wind, before the Rain

The first thing I thought today when I was looking at these photos was, my sister's going to hate this one! But hey, everyone's a critic and you can't please them all. To be honest though I'm not too happy how these turned out, with the wind blowing up every two seconds, but what do you guys think? In hindsight I probably wouldn't wear this cardigan with the dress again as it kinda just makes me look like a big rectangle, and not in a good way. Just an example I guess of  how you can really like a garment but you've got to match it up right. Here's some more pictures anyway and you can make up your own minds, I'd really love some feedback on this one!! xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Calling Spring

Calling Spring

Floral top, 63 NZD / Clog wedge / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag, 775 NZD / Monki , 24 NZD / Karen Walker Eyewear cateye sunglasses, 350 NZD

Tried my hand at putting together something a little spring inspired. I love this poppy t-shirt dress...if only we had Topshop in NZ!! I've had my eye on this Monki cap for a while. I love the mix of textures with the grey felt and shiny peak. I've also been hooked on Karen Walker's most current collection, but these cat winged sunnies would cure my cravings for now. I just thought these platform sandals looked so cool but also practical and can't a girl dream about the perfect Marc Jacobs bag? Don't you think it just completes the outfit? And wouldn't it be ideal for Uni?? Ahhh *sigh* one day, when I win Big Wednesday.....until that happens, or my next post (probably more likely) stay lovely ladies xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Making an effort

Sorry I've been a bit absent over the last week but we're on mid-semmester break at the mo. I've come home to Tauranga/Whitianga, and the internet is a bit hit and miss. I've been bogged down with the flu for most of the time I've been back, but I'm just shaking it off now. Although on Friday night I did have an extra special 21st to go to, so I took the chance to make a bit more of an effort.

 I loved wearing this dress. I bought it from an outlet store while I was in Australia in February. The bust is embrodied with an assortment of colourful beads that look like lollies and the skirt is full and hangs so nicely, I feel like a princess when I wear it (haha, a girl can still dream right?). My orange wedge sandals were so comfortable, I didn't notice my feet all night, which is how it should be! It felt special to wear something that was extra girly for the night.
The party was a great chance to catch up with friends. I had to make a speech which I was a bit nervous about, about it all went down a treat and it was a really fun night.
I'm travelling all around the place this week so no promises of posts, but I'll be back in Welly by Monday and I'll be back to routine then. Until next time..stay safe and sound xx