Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Bit of Fun

  On the weekend my friend Lindsay J, who I introduced to you previously here, came down to Welly for three days to celebrate her 22nd birthday. On Saturday we caught up with some close friends from high school and had a good, good time. First things first, I made a reservation at the wrong restaurant so we had to go on the hunt for somewhere that had a table of six at peak time on a Saturday. Luckily we found one at Casablanca on Cambridge Terrace which is a super cute Morrocon BYO. So with bottles of wine in hand, we settled in for a feast.....

 After dinner we headed to Chow for two for one cocktails (brilliant idea for a Saturday). Needless to say it was a winner...

As Chow was closing up we decided to move on to El Horno, where unfortunately I took no photos because I was too busy having a good time! It was a successful night and Linz and I were photogenically on form, pretty much the whole time haha

  Until next time....xx

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