Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How many bricks does it take to build a wall?

Here's a few pics of what I wore yesterday. I love wearing these kakhi cargos. So comfy and heaps of pockets which is handy. I got them for $10 from cotton on which I was stoked with. My t-shirt I got when I went to Roger Water's concert The Wall, at the end of February. The picture on the front is of 'the teacher' from the song 'We don't need no education' which is also written on the back of the t-shirt. I'm a bit of a concert fiend and 'The Wall' is right up there with the best that I've been to. My cardigan I got two years ago for $18 from a cute Vintage shop on Cuba St called 'Pieces of Time.' The lady who runs the shop also sells an amazing collection of hats.
 I haven't posted for a couple of day so I thought I'd give you a break down of the week so far in a pros and cons list.

  • Back on the Gym buzz. I've been to yoga and zumba so far this week and I'm loving it!
  • Made a good batch of Piklets. I had to stop myself from eating them as I was making them, they were that good.
  • Ticked off a few things that have been on my To- Do list for a while, including give my room a good sort out.
  • Sore from the Gym! 
  • Feeling tired and getting migraines.
  • Starting to get a bit stressed out about the next seven days..I have three tests, one essay and a speech all due. Ek!
 Wish me luck and hopefully I'll also have a decent outfit post and daily life post for ya tomorrow xx

Übersetzung ( German Translation)
Hier sind ein paar photos wie ich Gestern gekleidet war. Mein t-shirt ist von Roger Waters Konzert 'Die Mauer.' Ich habe es in Februar gesehen. Es war vielleicht mein lieblings Konzert.
Ich habe nicht für ein paar Tage geschrieben, deswegen wird ich dich eine Liste von meine Woche bisher geben.

  • Ich gehe wieder in Fitnessstudio. Ich mache Yoga und Zumba und es macht so viel Spaß!!
  • Ich habe gut gebaken. Ich habe kleine Palatschinken gemacht und sie waren echt leker.
  • Ich habe mein Zimmer gesäubert.
  • Mein Körper tüt weh von Fitnessstudio!
  • Ich bin müde und bekomme Migränekopfschmerzen.
  • Die nächste sieben Tage wird stressig sein...Ich habe drei Prüfungen, ein Aufsatz und ein Vortrag. Ek!
Drüke die Daumen für mich und morgen schreib ich zwei mal xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Spring Tribute

What a contrast today to yesterday's yucky weather. In a tribute to warmer days I've got on my H&M floral high waisted skirt. I bought this while I was on exchange in Austria and it's another one of the items I am selling but wanted to wear one last time. The best thing about this skirt is it has pockets!! It always makes me feel particuly girlie. I've teamed it up with my royal blue dotti top. For some reason I always find it hard to find tops to go with this skirt. I've also lost a bit of weight since I was feed on Austrian food so the skirt is a bit big for me and requires a belt. This charcoal cardigan was my Mum's and is one of my favs. I wear it even though it's been moth eaten and has holes all through it.  My necklace today is one of the gifts I received for my 21st from a good friend and it says my name. Super cute. I woke up tired this morning which I always find so unfair when that happens. I'm hoping this pretty look will up my mood slowly throughout the day...what a typical Monday. How are you guys feeling today?

Seeing Stars

 ( All geared up for the rainy weather)
Yesterday was annual 'See Wellington' day, where a lot of attractions are opened to the public for a gold coin donation. I had big plans. I was going to go to Zealandia, the Carter Observatory and the Zoo. Being a poor student I wanted to take full advantage of the deal. However yesterday's weather was less than satisfactory which meant Zealandia and the zoo were a no-go. All geared up for the observatory, we got there to find we had to wait in the rain for about 20 minutes before we could get in, but our dedication to the cause was strong. Once in side, the boggling space facts hurt my brain as I found some of the concepts hard to grasp. We went to the show too and the tilted chairs were uber comfy. So glad I got to go to the observatory for a fraction of the normal price!

 (Waiting in line)
 (Inside the Observatory)
(The super comfy chairs for the show)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

If you were any more fun

This is the outfit I slapped together yesterday to go about my errands in town. The shirt is silk and hand embroided. A bargin I found two years ago at local secondhand boutique, Ziggurat. I got it for $8 and if you know Ziggurat, then you know that's a bargin. I bought the skirt from Glassons last year in one of their sales. The material is quite thick which I like and I've absolutely thrashed it. The shoes are my trusty $5 wooden sandals from rubi shoes. The best thing about cheap shoes is I don't care so much when they get scuffed. The coat that features in a couple of them, I bought about 5 years ago. The brand is Ezzue and I bought it for my Austrian exchange. I've worn it to bits and I'm about to sell it but I wanted to wear it just once more before we have to part forever. My nail polish is sunshine sparkle by Revlon, but truth be told, it isn't very sparkly. Most of the jewellary pieces, the necklace, the opal braclet, the amethyst ring and the amber ring, were my Grandma's.  The sentimental value overrides anything else for me which is the main reason why I love wearing these pieces, but I also do love how they look. What do you think?

p.s. check out the other posts I've made today and have a great sunday tommorow xx

More than okay

I am aware that I went two days without making any posts, and not only because my sister called me repeatedly to check I was okay because I hadn't made any haha. Truth is I was just busy with life. Today has been close to perfect. I got to sleep in after last night's pub crawl (see earlier post on that one) and then had chip butties with left over chips from last night's fish and chips. My fav! ( By the way chip butties are bread and butter with hot chips and tomato sauce and are one of my fav foods.) I then had the rest of the afternoon to myself snuggled up in leggings and a hoodie, reading my Vogue (see previous post) and sucking on my fav asian lollies from the local asian supermarket. What a perfect lazy day. Now however, study and assignments are calling my name rather loudly. What did you guys get up to today?

(These are my fav asian lollies. They're hard boiled and delish.)

P.s. I've noticed on the days where I post more than once, only the latest one receives views. I just wanted to let y'all know I've put up three today!!! And I've got another scheduled for later too. So scroll down and check them out. Another easy way to see them all is by following me through blogger or blog lovin. It honestly takes 10 seconds to sign up and then they'll let you know about every post individually so you won't miss any. (Cause they're all super interesting and you wouldn't wanna miss out :) ) Have a good Saturday night guys! xx


While I was in my latter years at high school, I religiously bought British Vogue. I knew when it was due to arrive every month, and every month I'd head into the magazine dealer to purchase the air freighted edition as soon as it was on shelves. Unfortunately the fact that it is air freighted plus the conversion rate makes purchasing the magazine in New Zealand a bit more than the four pound it costs in the UK. My current jobless student living does not allow for such constant dedication but earlier in the week I found myself craving. I wasn't sure what it was at first that I needed, to fill my uninspired gap that felt somewhere between my stomach and my heart, but whilst on tumblr I realised it was Vogue. Since the realisation, obtaining the latest edition has been all that has been on my mind and I planned my trip into town for yesterday. It was getting late and I knew the shops would soon be closing as I walked briskly from one place to the next, on the hunt for my prize. Five shops later and on the other side of town to which I started, I finally laid eyes on the single last copy of the June edition left on the shelves and snapped it up before anybody could take it from me. Satisfaction. All plans off until she is read from cover to cover xx

Urban Field Trip

I spent most of yesterday tossing up whether or not to attend the Geology Society's Urban Field trip...a pub crawl in disguise. They're a fabulous group of people who always put on a good event but I wasn't sure if I possessed the skill set required to compete in the games the pub crawl would involve. Alas I went anyway and had an awesome night. The challenges were not taken seriously and my inability to take on quantitive amounts of beer was not frowned upon. I had some good yarns and great singalongs and have no regrets of going! This is pretty much how I looked....


Dress: Huffer
Jacket:Second hand from Market
Shoes: Rubi
Necklace: Grandma's

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I have braved the storm for you

This is how it is today. Got my Mum's denim shirt on again along with my chiffon shorts from Kmart. Also my tie dye stockings. I have waay too many patterned pairs of tights that need to see the light but it isn't always easy pairing them up with things. Also the photos haven't really done justice to the tie dye effect of this pair. Accessorised with this chain and leather necklace from Equip and a feather extension from
Beatniq Designs. I actually won this extension last year from a blog giveaway much to my excitement. I didn't have a blog at the time so I couldn't shout about it but look at me now!  Beatniq makes all her jewellery herself and she has some awesome pieces. My feather extension is made to measure my hair and I got to pick out the feathers too.  Check out her blog and shop here  Catch ya on the flip side xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Goodbye Piano

My friends finally got the heads up to throw out an old piano that's been in their flat for years. It doesn't work properly so do not fret, there are no musical assets going to waste here. But before it all goes to the dump I couldn't resist a few photos...

P.s. I'd love a bit of feedback...which of the posts are you enjoying? What would you like to see more of?
I would love for you to leave a comment xx
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Craving cupcakes

Ever since one of my classmates brought cupcakes to our tutorial a few weeks ago, I have been craving. Last week when I finally had the urge and time to make them I discovered we had no muffin trays in the house. Yesterday I put it right by purchasing some silicon cupcake moulds from Briscoes..and they were on sale..perfect! I got 24 for $6.40 and they worked a treat, even better than I had predicted, plus clean up was a breeze.(Now don't I sound like a sales pitch and a half. Ha.) I haven't made cupcakes in years so I kept it simple and stuck with vanilla and used a kids recipe too. The icing I made was a bit too sweet, even for me, so I added some sour cream and it came right. I'm such a big cake fan and unfortunately I haven't been out for cake at all recently but these cupcakes defs filled the spot for now...

 Cupcakes cooling down in their lime green silicon moulds.
 I sprinkled each of my flatmates first letters of their names onto cupcakes for dessert. Bit of a challenge to tell which is whose but they guessed right!
My Mum suggested cutting the tops off and filling with icing and making butterflies out of the tops. Super easy to do and it worked well because the icing was so runny when I was putting it on. It also means you get icing all the way through the cupcake for a more well rounded experience haha.

I'm throwing out your piano today

I've got on my jumper from dotti (you know the one EVERYONE has) that I got at the end of last autumn. I managed to score it for $10 down from $50! When fashion is that cheap why not go with the masses ae? Doesn't hurt to blend in a bit every now and again. I chucked it on over an old Ripcurl dress a friend gave to me years ago. Also got on my two toned tights to keep out the cold...the sun can be deceiving.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Full of Grace

This here is my wonderful to all extremes, good friend Grace. She is funny, smart, inspiring, wise, good looking and let's not forget talented on many levels. In her spare time she covers songs with her ukelele and posts them on You Tube and I highly recommend you check them out. It is also of my opinion you should subscribe to her You Tube channel, songburgers. But that's just what I think. Watch out for this one, she's going to dominate the world.

Sometimes she also hangs out with famous ya Grace xx

While the Sun's still out

Soooo sunny..wooohoo. To celebrate I'm wearing many colours, first my navy sleeveless top from dotti (gotta love their sales). The high neck and the matte look of the material make it easy to dress up. Also my Mum's charcoal Esprit cardigan. Teamed up with my mustard jeans I bought back at the end of January right before I went to Aussie. I was on the hunt for some coloured jeans but didn't want to commit to anything with too much of a pricetag. Then I came across these in the warehouse for $15. And I've worn them far more than I thought I would. Score. I bought these teracotta high heeled sandals from Sports Girl while I was in Australia for $20! I was so satisfied. As for the necklace, it's another one of my childhood jewellary box finds. What do you think overall??