Sunday, 20 May 2012

While the Sun's still out

Soooo sunny..wooohoo. To celebrate I'm wearing many colours, first my navy sleeveless top from dotti (gotta love their sales). The high neck and the matte look of the material make it easy to dress up. Also my Mum's charcoal Esprit cardigan. Teamed up with my mustard jeans I bought back at the end of January right before I went to Aussie. I was on the hunt for some coloured jeans but didn't want to commit to anything with too much of a pricetag. Then I came across these in the warehouse for $15. And I've worn them far more than I thought I would. Score. I bought these teracotta high heeled sandals from Sports Girl while I was in Australia for $20! I was so satisfied. As for the necklace, it's another one of my childhood jewellary box finds. What do you think overall??

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