Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Craving cupcakes

Ever since one of my classmates brought cupcakes to our tutorial a few weeks ago, I have been craving. Last week when I finally had the urge and time to make them I discovered we had no muffin trays in the house. Yesterday I put it right by purchasing some silicon cupcake moulds from Briscoes..and they were on sale..perfect! I got 24 for $6.40 and they worked a treat, even better than I had predicted, plus clean up was a breeze.(Now don't I sound like a sales pitch and a half. Ha.) I haven't made cupcakes in years so I kept it simple and stuck with vanilla and used a kids recipe too. The icing I made was a bit too sweet, even for me, so I added some sour cream and it came right. I'm such a big cake fan and unfortunately I haven't been out for cake at all recently but these cupcakes defs filled the spot for now...

 Cupcakes cooling down in their lime green silicon moulds.
 I sprinkled each of my flatmates first letters of their names onto cupcakes for dessert. Bit of a challenge to tell which is whose but they guessed right!
My Mum suggested cutting the tops off and filling with icing and making butterflies out of the tops. Super easy to do and it worked well because the icing was so runny when I was putting it on. It also means you get icing all the way through the cupcake for a more well rounded experience haha.

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