Monday, 28 May 2012

Seeing Stars

 ( All geared up for the rainy weather)
Yesterday was annual 'See Wellington' day, where a lot of attractions are opened to the public for a gold coin donation. I had big plans. I was going to go to Zealandia, the Carter Observatory and the Zoo. Being a poor student I wanted to take full advantage of the deal. However yesterday's weather was less than satisfactory which meant Zealandia and the zoo were a no-go. All geared up for the observatory, we got there to find we had to wait in the rain for about 20 minutes before we could get in, but our dedication to the cause was strong. Once in side, the boggling space facts hurt my brain as I found some of the concepts hard to grasp. We went to the show too and the tilted chairs were uber comfy. So glad I got to go to the observatory for a fraction of the normal price!

 (Waiting in line)
 (Inside the Observatory)
(The super comfy chairs for the show)

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