Saturday, 26 May 2012


While I was in my latter years at high school, I religiously bought British Vogue. I knew when it was due to arrive every month, and every month I'd head into the magazine dealer to purchase the air freighted edition as soon as it was on shelves. Unfortunately the fact that it is air freighted plus the conversion rate makes purchasing the magazine in New Zealand a bit more than the four pound it costs in the UK. My current jobless student living does not allow for such constant dedication but earlier in the week I found myself craving. I wasn't sure what it was at first that I needed, to fill my uninspired gap that felt somewhere between my stomach and my heart, but whilst on tumblr I realised it was Vogue. Since the realisation, obtaining the latest edition has been all that has been on my mind and I planned my trip into town for yesterday. It was getting late and I knew the shops would soon be closing as I walked briskly from one place to the next, on the hunt for my prize. Five shops later and on the other side of town to which I started, I finally laid eyes on the single last copy of the June edition left on the shelves and snapped it up before anybody could take it from me. Satisfaction. All plans off until she is read from cover to cover xx

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