Saturday, 26 May 2012

If you were any more fun

This is the outfit I slapped together yesterday to go about my errands in town. The shirt is silk and hand embroided. A bargin I found two years ago at local secondhand boutique, Ziggurat. I got it for $8 and if you know Ziggurat, then you know that's a bargin. I bought the skirt from Glassons last year in one of their sales. The material is quite thick which I like and I've absolutely thrashed it. The shoes are my trusty $5 wooden sandals from rubi shoes. The best thing about cheap shoes is I don't care so much when they get scuffed. The coat that features in a couple of them, I bought about 5 years ago. The brand is Ezzue and I bought it for my Austrian exchange. I've worn it to bits and I'm about to sell it but I wanted to wear it just once more before we have to part forever. My nail polish is sunshine sparkle by Revlon, but truth be told, it isn't very sparkly. Most of the jewellary pieces, the necklace, the opal braclet, the amethyst ring and the amber ring, were my Grandma's.  The sentimental value overrides anything else for me which is the main reason why I love wearing these pieces, but I also do love how they look. What do you think?

p.s. check out the other posts I've made today and have a great sunday tommorow xx


  1. LOVE your style and your blog
    would be cool to see more outfits

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback xx Means so much to me!


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