Saturday, 28 September 2013

On Repeat

Late but better than never, here's a closer look at what I lounged around in yesterday.

 I have repeated this exact outfit a number of times now. You know when you just throw things together and then somehow it works and you love it. This is one of those go-to outfits for me when I don't have time to think but need to look nice.

 (shirt-secondhand/beige top- Ottomode/ pants- Max/ socks- Sportgirl/ sandals- Windsor Smith/ Necklace, cream bangle- Karen Walker)

This was also my first attempt at rocking the sock bun. I know it's been around for a while now but I've always been hesitant to try it. Probably because I had a feeling it would be more fiddly than it appeared. And I wasn't wrong. But after a few youtube tutorials and half an hour later, I managed a mediocre sock bun. I definitly need practice though!

In other day to day life...I've been listening to this on repeat....

...but who hasn't? Haha. I pre-ordered it a week ago when I found an itunes voucher while I was unpacking. I was so stoked to find it in my itunes library on thursday, a day earlier than I had been expecting!! And I haven't listened to anything else since. My favourites? Should I list every song on the album? I like it that much. (At this point in time, Buzzcut Season is playing.That's a good starting point if you need to spotify something.) If you haven't had time to hear it yet, make time. The whole album is only 37 minutes long so take a break and listen to it twice. Stay cool, catch you next time xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Time killer

Need a way to kill some time?? I suggest giving a go at painting your nails like this...

...cause it was very effective at killing time. Half peach petal, half porcelin party. After waiting for the peach to dry I used a circle sticker to cover the bottom half and get a crisp division, like when you use masking tape to paint around a window. The only tip I have is that you really need a clear top coat as well to seal the deal a bit. Other wise the top half has a bit of a ridge on it. 

This is me crossing my fingers that oracle actually cheated and we will actually get the America's cup after all. So proud of our team though! So proud to be a kiwi!


On another note, I've been making one of these a day and loving it! I use mixed berries, yogurt and chia seeds in a bit of water, and that's it! So yummy! 


Aaaaaaaaand here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's post about what I wore today. Wuuhu! Take care, stay safe xx

P.s. Here's the polish I used. I love the colours but the whole technique means there's quite a few layers which ends up being thick and a bit prone to getting smoshed. Yeah. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Jelly tiiiiiiiiiime

Between now and the last post one million years ago, I moved to Australia, lived there for four months, and then moved home again after my boyfriend got a job in New Plymouth. That's the short of it anyway. In between there were lots of new people, new adventures, learning curves and ups and downs.

                                Enjoying the park at South Bank in Brisbane, Australia

Back to the here and now though.... I made Jelly!!!

So yum! And fun! Catch you later alligator xx