Saturday, 28 September 2013

On Repeat

Late but better than never, here's a closer look at what I lounged around in yesterday.

 I have repeated this exact outfit a number of times now. You know when you just throw things together and then somehow it works and you love it. This is one of those go-to outfits for me when I don't have time to think but need to look nice.

 (shirt-secondhand/beige top- Ottomode/ pants- Max/ socks- Sportgirl/ sandals- Windsor Smith/ Necklace, cream bangle- Karen Walker)

This was also my first attempt at rocking the sock bun. I know it's been around for a while now but I've always been hesitant to try it. Probably because I had a feeling it would be more fiddly than it appeared. And I wasn't wrong. But after a few youtube tutorials and half an hour later, I managed a mediocre sock bun. I definitly need practice though!

In other day to day life...I've been listening to this on repeat....

...but who hasn't? Haha. I pre-ordered it a week ago when I found an itunes voucher while I was unpacking. I was so stoked to find it in my itunes library on thursday, a day earlier than I had been expecting!! And I haven't listened to anything else since. My favourites? Should I list every song on the album? I like it that much. (At this point in time, Buzzcut Season is playing.That's a good starting point if you need to spotify something.) If you haven't had time to hear it yet, make time. The whole album is only 37 minutes long so take a break and listen to it twice. Stay cool, catch you next time xx

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