Monday, 25 February 2013

Award for best dressed...

So I don't know about you guys but I just spent all day watching the Oscars. Not just the award ceremony, but the red carpet and all the pre and post show jazz as well. I confess, never before have I sat down for the majority of the day and watched an award ceremony, but when I had the time today...let's just say I wasn't held against my will.

Unsurprisingly, my main excitement around the Oscars was generated by what people were going to wear. Right after getting my full from the fashion week runways, I was eagerly anticipating how some of the biggest fashion houses would work with some of the most currently buzzed about people. So I'll jump right to it....

A trend set by best actress award winner Jennifer Lawrence was the back necklace.

I am aware that other people have worn jewellery like this before and this is not completely ground breaking but I'm gunna bet that because young, beautiful and talented award winning Jen wore this look, it's going to take off. It's inspired me at least, and I'll definitely be trying out the infinity diamond look soon.

My personal opinion on best dressed for the event goes to Naomi Watts. She looked stunning in her twinkling Armani Prive gown and the cut was so original. Reportedly, Naomi had a lot of input into the designing of the dress which ticked all the right boxes. You know me, can't resist a sparkle.

Other highlights for me included Salma Hayek (Alexander McQueen) and Adele (Jenny Packham), especially after she let her hair down for her performance. Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta and Jessica Chastain also wearing Armani Prive also left an impression and are worth a google if you need fuel for procrastination.

That's my critical reflection on the Oscars red carpet runway, what do you think of it all?

Images from here and here