Saturday, 18 January 2014

Way of life


Along with changing the name, I also wanted to give a new purpose to the blog. From now on, I solemnly swear to buy nothing new at full price over the amount of $10. The majority of anything sartorial will be secondhand. Anything that isn't secondhand will be something I already own or bought on sale. 

 There are a couple of reasons behind this. I don't know about you guys but I keep up with my fair share of fashion blogs and it is so so easy to get sucked into the world of consumerism. I think the peer pressure to be constantly on trend and updating your wardrobe is so apparent in the blogging world. It's unrealistic to constantly be shopping and spending so much money on clothes. In my opinion anyway. However, you could constantly shop and not spend much money by buying secondhand! Which leads to my second reason. I am currently unemployed. Unemployed = zero dollars. Buying secondhand is my best option to still regularly partake in my fav hobby. 

 Pictured above is my op shop haul from this week. Altogether everything cost $9. Not bad for two dresses, one pair of fluro shorts, two pairs of shoes, a fantastic straw hat and a bow tie still in it's box!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

It's a Sign

Pants-secondhand / t-shirt-secondhand / sandals-Windsor Smith / sunglasses-runaways by lespecs

This was yesterday's outfit of the day. Which I would have put up yesterday if I was not so technologically challenged. Are you ready for my first world problems?? My only device with internet is an ipad and blogger won't upload my photos so I downloaded the app and it's super-duper lame. I have no control over the size or placement of my photos which is so annoying after I spent so much time editing them. It looks so bad I won't put up more than one. waaaah. K I'm done. 

These high waisted tartan old ladies pants are the real highlight here. I scored them second hand off a fill-a-bag-for-$1 rack. So technically they only cost me 14cents. Cheapest pants ever. My t-shirt is also second hand. It was $2 and super comfy and easy to chuck on with anythang. Sadly though, we are in the middle of summer, SO WHY MUST I WEAR LONG PANTS?? The weather conundrum continues...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

SarahJane's Sister

A new year, a new name. Something a bit more personal. Something a bit closer to the real deal that I am away from magical internet land. I am well aware that this blog has been properly neglected over the last year. If it were a plant it would have to be a succulent to still be alive now without any real love.

2014, here's to true reflections, succulents and wishing deedpoll was this simple. lulz xx