Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Usual Suspects

I've been pretty much looking like some version of this 75% of the time since I got back from Australia....

Usually a merino, covered by a baggy top over some leggings with a cardigan, socks, boots and a baggy coat. Oh and a beanie.

It's the most comfortable/warm combo I could come up with while still being nice enough to go to the supermarket or whatever. The temperature in Brisbane was so pleasant all of the time and I got used to it real fast. Coming back to New Zealand has been a chilly wake up call in the weather department.

  Nothing really to scream about anyways....see what I did there??? Haha Stay cool and I'll catch you cucumbers l8r xx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

On Repeat

Late but better than never, here's a closer look at what I lounged around in yesterday.

 I have repeated this exact outfit a number of times now. You know when you just throw things together and then somehow it works and you love it. This is one of those go-to outfits for me when I don't have time to think but need to look nice.

 (shirt-secondhand/beige top- Ottomode/ pants- Max/ socks- Sportgirl/ sandals- Windsor Smith/ Necklace, cream bangle- Karen Walker)

This was also my first attempt at rocking the sock bun. I know it's been around for a while now but I've always been hesitant to try it. Probably because I had a feeling it would be more fiddly than it appeared. And I wasn't wrong. But after a few youtube tutorials and half an hour later, I managed a mediocre sock bun. I definitly need practice though!

In other day to day life...I've been listening to this on repeat....

...but who hasn't? Haha. I pre-ordered it a week ago when I found an itunes voucher while I was unpacking. I was so stoked to find it in my itunes library on thursday, a day earlier than I had been expecting!! And I haven't listened to anything else since. My favourites? Should I list every song on the album? I like it that much. (At this point in time, Buzzcut Season is playing.That's a good starting point if you need to spotify something.) If you haven't had time to hear it yet, make time. The whole album is only 37 minutes long so take a break and listen to it twice. Stay cool, catch you next time xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Time killer

Need a way to kill some time?? I suggest giving a go at painting your nails like this...

...cause it was very effective at killing time. Half peach petal, half porcelin party. After waiting for the peach to dry I used a circle sticker to cover the bottom half and get a crisp division, like when you use masking tape to paint around a window. The only tip I have is that you really need a clear top coat as well to seal the deal a bit. Other wise the top half has a bit of a ridge on it. 

This is me crossing my fingers that oracle actually cheated and we will actually get the America's cup after all. So proud of our team though! So proud to be a kiwi!


On another note, I've been making one of these a day and loving it! I use mixed berries, yogurt and chia seeds in a bit of water, and that's it! So yummy! 


Aaaaaaaaand here's a sneak peak at tomorrow's post about what I wore today. Wuuhu! Take care, stay safe xx

P.s. Here's the polish I used. I love the colours but the whole technique means there's quite a few layers which ends up being thick and a bit prone to getting smoshed. Yeah. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Jelly tiiiiiiiiiime

Between now and the last post one million years ago, I moved to Australia, lived there for four months, and then moved home again after my boyfriend got a job in New Plymouth. That's the short of it anyway. In between there were lots of new people, new adventures, learning curves and ups and downs.

                                Enjoying the park at South Bank in Brisbane, Australia

Back to the here and now though.... I made Jelly!!!

So yum! And fun! Catch you later alligator xx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Old tricks

I wish I was tech-savvy enough to put a speech cloud on this photo that said "Hey Guys!" I would get a lol kind of chuckle out of that for a long time. Anyways....I vote that it's about time for another outfit post so BAM..let's make it happen....

I put this outfit together after an overwhelming urge to be pretty swept over me, you know how they do. I guess I'm quite isolated up here in Whiti and it's nice to put a bit of effort in for myself once in a while and get dolled up, even if nobody I know will see me.

I love this top and I think I should wear it more often. It's completely lace with quite a high neck and a cool frill at the bottom. This shirt also has a gold zip that runs down the back which is one of my favourite features, but if I wear this top on a sunny day, the zip heats up and really burns my skin! I learnt that the hard way.  This simple black skirt is such a wardrobe essential! I've thrashed it this summer, such an easy staple to dress up or down. Inspired by the international fashion week shows, I tried a deep side part in my hair for a change. The part didn't come out as prominent in the photos but it was fun experimenting. A tip I picked up through my Internet scrolling is to part your hair no further than the outside of your eyebrow when your using a deep side part. I found that useful.

I wore a combination of silver jewellery and pearls, accentuating the girlishness I guess. If you look closely you can see my silver winged, pearl necklace and pearl and diamond earrings, both very special sentimental gifts. I tied the whole lot together with a pop of colour in my lipstick.

top:dotti, skirt:hummingbird, shoes:wildpair, shopping trolley:anon
Soooooo....what d'y'all think?? Give a gurl some feedback...

 (COMMENTS ARE MY ONLY SOURCE OF PROTEIN, I'm fading away here..xx)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Seeing Double

After Christmas I did my bit to revive the economy from recession and joined the masses heading to the shops. I had compiled a list (in my head) of things I desperately needed (/wanted really badly). Somewhere in the list was sunglasses and I have confessions to make. When it comes to sunglasses, I have never really invested above $20, my reason being, I'm not the most responsible person to look after them. I start off meaning well, carrying the case and making sure to store them away carefully, but eventually they always end tossed into my handbag with everything else, resulting in my sunglasses getting scratched and snapped. But this time I reasoned with myself, willing to give myself a second chance, maybe if I could find a good quality pair that I really liked, then maybe I would be motivated to take proper care of them.

So, there I was heading for Farmers, having already researched their latest Le Specs range online, my heart ready to be set on the black Runaways. A femenine nod to the classic rayban I thought. Plus I loved the ultra dark lenses, they made me feel like noone could see what I was looking at (btw they totes can). But alas, it was not to be such a simple love affair, because upon trying on the Runaways, I fell in love at first sight with the out-of-this-world Dingalings. The pastel lilac frames, the metal detailing, the outrageously big sized lenses screaming "60's TAKE ME BACK", how could I resist? Now I faced the vital question, did I strive to be an elegant Holly Golightly, drinking my coffee and tugging on my string of pearls, or the long lost third Olsen twin, bohemian chic already installed?
But wait..Had I forgotten we were admist the post Christmas retail madness? I didn't need to choose, they were half price- I'd just take both!!


 I love both pairs and I love having two because it means I get to choose depending on the mood I'm in and what I'm already wearing, but what do you think? I'd love to know which pair are your favourite! xx

Monday, 25 February 2013

Award for best dressed...

So I don't know about you guys but I just spent all day watching the Oscars. Not just the award ceremony, but the red carpet and all the pre and post show jazz as well. I confess, never before have I sat down for the majority of the day and watched an award ceremony, but when I had the time today...let's just say I wasn't held against my will.

Unsurprisingly, my main excitement around the Oscars was generated by what people were going to wear. Right after getting my full from the fashion week runways, I was eagerly anticipating how some of the biggest fashion houses would work with some of the most currently buzzed about people. So I'll jump right to it....

A trend set by best actress award winner Jennifer Lawrence was the back necklace.

I am aware that other people have worn jewellery like this before and this is not completely ground breaking but I'm gunna bet that because young, beautiful and talented award winning Jen wore this look, it's going to take off. It's inspired me at least, and I'll definitely be trying out the infinity diamond look soon.

My personal opinion on best dressed for the event goes to Naomi Watts. She looked stunning in her twinkling Armani Prive gown and the cut was so original. Reportedly, Naomi had a lot of input into the designing of the dress which ticked all the right boxes. You know me, can't resist a sparkle.

Other highlights for me included Salma Hayek (Alexander McQueen) and Adele (Jenny Packham), especially after she let her hair down for her performance. Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta and Jessica Chastain also wearing Armani Prive also left an impression and are worth a google if you need fuel for procrastination.

That's my critical reflection on the Oscars red carpet runway, what do you think of it all?

Images from here and here

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


2012, what a good good good year.

 I got up to some good shinanigans last year....

I visited my sister in Australia which prompted my epiphany to move there. Counting down to March!

I fuelled my concert addiction by going to Roger Waters, Lady Gaga, The Black Keys and Coldplay. (All of them blew my mind.)

I dressed up for the Wellington Sevens and I can't wait to go again in next month!

I partied at Hyde Street!!

I finished my degree :) Looking foward to graduation in May.

And I rounded out the year by going to Corogold. Woohoo!!
Image source:here

A very good year indeed! Onto 2013 now and a new chapter for me as I skip the country and look for a new place to set up life for a bit. How very exciting. For now though I'll keep on living up the summer sunshine before I have to go back to Uni on Monday (Just a little post-grad summer course I'm doing hence the absence from blog).