Wednesday, 2 January 2013


2012, what a good good good year.

 I got up to some good shinanigans last year....

I visited my sister in Australia which prompted my epiphany to move there. Counting down to March!

I fuelled my concert addiction by going to Roger Waters, Lady Gaga, The Black Keys and Coldplay. (All of them blew my mind.)

I dressed up for the Wellington Sevens and I can't wait to go again in next month!

I partied at Hyde Street!!

I finished my degree :) Looking foward to graduation in May.

And I rounded out the year by going to Corogold. Woohoo!!
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A very good year indeed! Onto 2013 now and a new chapter for me as I skip the country and look for a new place to set up life for a bit. How very exciting. For now though I'll keep on living up the summer sunshine before I have to go back to Uni on Monday (Just a little post-grad summer course I'm doing hence the absence from blog).