Saturday, 9 March 2013

Old tricks

I wish I was tech-savvy enough to put a speech cloud on this photo that said "Hey Guys!" I would get a lol kind of chuckle out of that for a long time. Anyways....I vote that it's about time for another outfit post so BAM..let's make it happen....

I put this outfit together after an overwhelming urge to be pretty swept over me, you know how they do. I guess I'm quite isolated up here in Whiti and it's nice to put a bit of effort in for myself once in a while and get dolled up, even if nobody I know will see me.

I love this top and I think I should wear it more often. It's completely lace with quite a high neck and a cool frill at the bottom. This shirt also has a gold zip that runs down the back which is one of my favourite features, but if I wear this top on a sunny day, the zip heats up and really burns my skin! I learnt that the hard way.  This simple black skirt is such a wardrobe essential! I've thrashed it this summer, such an easy staple to dress up or down. Inspired by the international fashion week shows, I tried a deep side part in my hair for a change. The part didn't come out as prominent in the photos but it was fun experimenting. A tip I picked up through my Internet scrolling is to part your hair no further than the outside of your eyebrow when your using a deep side part. I found that useful.

I wore a combination of silver jewellery and pearls, accentuating the girlishness I guess. If you look closely you can see my silver winged, pearl necklace and pearl and diamond earrings, both very special sentimental gifts. I tied the whole lot together with a pop of colour in my lipstick.

top:dotti, skirt:hummingbird, shoes:wildpair, shopping trolley:anon
Soooooo....what d'y'all think?? Give a gurl some feedback...

 (COMMENTS ARE MY ONLY SOURCE OF PROTEIN, I'm fading away here..xx)

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