Tuesday, 14 January 2014

It's a Sign

Pants-secondhand / t-shirt-secondhand / sandals-Windsor Smith / sunglasses-runaways by lespecs

This was yesterday's outfit of the day. Which I would have put up yesterday if I was not so technologically challenged. Are you ready for my first world problems?? My only device with internet is an ipad and blogger won't upload my photos so I downloaded the app and it's super-duper lame. I have no control over the size or placement of my photos which is so annoying after I spent so much time editing them. It looks so bad I won't put up more than one. waaaah. K I'm done. 

These high waisted tartan old ladies pants are the real highlight here. I scored them second hand off a fill-a-bag-for-$1 rack. So technically they only cost me 14cents. Cheapest pants ever. My t-shirt is also second hand. It was $2 and super comfy and easy to chuck on with anythang. Sadly though, we are in the middle of summer, SO WHY MUST I WEAR LONG PANTS?? The weather conundrum continues...

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