Monday, 28 May 2012

Spring Tribute

What a contrast today to yesterday's yucky weather. In a tribute to warmer days I've got on my H&M floral high waisted skirt. I bought this while I was on exchange in Austria and it's another one of the items I am selling but wanted to wear one last time. The best thing about this skirt is it has pockets!! It always makes me feel particuly girlie. I've teamed it up with my royal blue dotti top. For some reason I always find it hard to find tops to go with this skirt. I've also lost a bit of weight since I was feed on Austrian food so the skirt is a bit big for me and requires a belt. This charcoal cardigan was my Mum's and is one of my favs. I wear it even though it's been moth eaten and has holes all through it.  My necklace today is one of the gifts I received for my 21st from a good friend and it says my name. Super cute. I woke up tired this morning which I always find so unfair when that happens. I'm hoping this pretty look will up my mood slowly throughout the day...what a typical Monday. How are you guys feeling today?

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