Thursday, 13 September 2012

With You in Mind

 What an interesting day of ups and downs it's been. The majority of the morning was spent stressing over how stressed I'm going to be in about a month from now when everything is due, but maybe I'll get everything done early and keep my cool.....yeah right. I also recently found out I can't have any gluten or dairy or SUGAR (?!!!?!) for the next few months which is making eating a challenge and putting a downer on things at times.

 But onto the outfit....the light was playing some serious tricks when I was taking these which didn't help but I'm pleased with the outcome anyway. I've been meaning to wear this lace shirt for ages, I picked it up from Glassons a few summers ago, right when lace was hitting the mainstream.I thought it paired well with my chiffon shorts from Kmart and I just had to show-off my new trench to you! I picked it up yesterday at a secondhand store for $4.50 which comes to no surprise except's Yves Saint Laurent! Woohoo yay go me whoop whoop. So stoked on this one (incase you couldn't tell) and the fabric is sooo soft.

What do you think? Have you made any thrifty purchases lately that you're dying to share??

Catch you on the flipside....xx

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