Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In the Wind, before the Rain

The first thing I thought today when I was looking at these photos was, my sister's going to hate this one! But hey, everyone's a critic and you can't please them all. To be honest though I'm not too happy how these turned out, with the wind blowing up every two seconds, but what do you guys think? In hindsight I probably wouldn't wear this cardigan with the dress again as it kinda just makes me look like a big rectangle, and not in a good way. Just an example I guess of  how you can really like a garment but you've got to match it up right. Here's some more pictures anyway and you can make up your own minds, I'd really love some feedback on this one!! xx


  1. Really love the dress - it's so cute! X

    1. Thanks! I was actually thinking about selling it but I might keep it now :) xx


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