Saturday, 21 April 2012

Politically Incorrect

  After a long ten hour bus trip back to the windy city, I went out to my friend's flat warming. The theme was the controversial "No Bain, No Gain."  I had to borrow this cardy because I was shocked to realise I personally do not own a David Bain jersey. Feeling like I had to make up for this loss, I nabbed my Mum's very real nineties glasses and added a pink shade of lipstick that screamed at me Suzy Cato. ( You can't lie, those were good times.) Sneakers were understandably obligatory and while en route to the party I observed they were much more efficent at managing the hilly streets of Welly than the heels I usually put on for such an event. Unfortunatly no pictures from the party will be shared with you here because as soon as I arrived I found I had left my memory card at home!! To say the least I was guttered, but the night still proved itself a success as I danced nostalgically to the songs of my nineties youth so comfortably and freely in my sneakers....ha.

Catch you cool kids on the flipside..stay fresh yo

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