Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dedicated to summer

 It felt like the weather was just as keen to make up for January today as we were. Mum had the day off today so we went exploring/ sunbathing. The road took us to Matarangi and we strolled on the beach before lunching at Luke's Kitchen in Kuaotunu (which was delish by the way, so filling!). The sun was warm in Otama bay where we lay in the sun for over an hour...almost feels like summer is hanging on! Fingers crossed!



Beautiful morning at Matarangi

Rope swing with a view at Kuaotunu..Ideal

Kumara Chips..So many!! (from Luke's)

Yummy pizza from Luke's

 Sunny arvo at Otama

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  1. I go to Matarangi! And Lukes Kitchen is the best!! :O You should take some pics of the rope swing at Whangaporoa!


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