Thursday, 26 April 2012

Guuuurls Night!!

Wednesday night is student night in Wellington, so a few bars and restaurants have 2-for-1. My friend Nicky had a great idea to take advantage of this and have a girls night. 2-for-1 cocktails were the go and we went to Good Luck and The Library. I featured The Library in a previous post but I didn't get to show you much of it so here you go!!

 This was one of the drinks I got at Good Luck...It tasted like Apple Pie!

 This is the cocktail I got at The Library. It was called the Girl Next Door and while my initial explaination of its taste as a white chocolate coconut peanut slab didn't quite suffice, someone else's suggestion of a white chocolate bounty bar fit the ticket. (On the right, The Girl Next Door is standing next to a Miss Peacock)

One of the alcoves at The Library

Our Girls night was later hijacked by some manly men
This is pretty much what I looked like for the night.


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