Monday, 16 April 2012

Time goes Fast when you're having Fun

Over the Easter weekend I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends, Lindsay, come and stay with me. Against all predictions (and Lindsay's expectations) the weather was beautiful and we filled in our time doing all sorts of touristy things. The weekend was over before we knew it and the weather packed in not long after and now I can't wait till next time she comes to stay!

Linz on the Ferry over to Days Bay 

 Me on the Ferry

Our delicious pizzas (Magarita is my all time favourite)

We passed this busker first when we were heading for the ferry and on our return he was still there! He was so cute I couldn't resist a photo..he even had a basket of lollies for kids!

On Saturday night we went to Library Bar for a drink and sampled some quality literature......

...And the girls photo bombed my camera while I went to the bathroom.

Kirsty and I drinking sangria from mason jars at El Horno..yum

Linz at the top of the cable car, looking out over the city.

Last but not least we stopped to smell the roses in the botanical gardens.

Until next time,
Yours, Amanda xx

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