Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Under the Weather

I'm glad the weekend is over (how often do you hear that?) and I was lucky to survive with all the work I had to do but it turns out it was a close call...I've been hit pretty heavy with the sick stick. Having a head cold is not amusing. The whole time I was doing my assignments I was busting to blog instead, but now that the work is temporarily out of the way I feel awful...how is that fair???

I tried to put on a smile for these photos anyway haha seems may attempt was a feeble one. I bought these leggings back a couple of weeks ago on sale at Glassons for a mere $12 yussss. I have a thing for exciting leggings. The fish tail t-shirt I picked up many many many moons ago while I was still in high school..probs 2008? Anyways it was on sale so I got it for not much even thoug it's Lower (a New Zealand skate brand). I added the waistcoat after a friend started playing dress-ups the other day with all of his, and I couln't resist pulling mine out after that :)

My necklace was a gift from my friend Grace for my birthday, also many moons ago. It's lost the pink stone it used to hold and the colour is starting to rub off, but that's only because I've had it for so long and I wear it so much! I like to think it gives me a lil strength, being a buddha and all, so I always wear it on the days I know I'll need a little push. Haha I'm a bit superstitious I know.

Anyway I'm going to go and feel sorry for myself for being sick for the rest of the evening, and I hope all of you are fit and healthy and not going through any of this nonsence like me!! Stock up on your vitamin C xx


  1. Love the leggings, the print is amazing! x

    1. Thanks Jade! Yeah I'm definitely thrashing them at the moment, wearing them almost every second day! haha


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