Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Some of my Mother's Pearls

Shirt:Vintage, Knit:Ottomode, Skirt:dotti, Shoes:rubi shoes
Turns out my parents had a tripod hidden away at home so I acquired it when I was there on the weekend, therefore my outfit posts are back in action!! In other exciting news when we were having a massive cleanout during the mid-year break, I gained possesion of this set of three thin threaded pearls (trying saying that ten times!) that used to be my mum's.

Finding treasures like this are always sooo satisfying!! Have you guys found anything in your parents closets lately that you've taken for your own???

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And after I took these photos I couldn't resist making a gif.! What do you think?? I'm thinking it's pretty humourous....Happy Tuesday peps xx


  1. Love the skirt! Is it leather? x

    Currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog for a pair of galaxy print leggings if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning!


  2. Hey Lauren! The skirt is actually pleather, as in fake leather, just a cheapy I picked up on sale from a chain store we have here called dotti. I entered the giveaway, thanks for letting me know! And I love your blog as well! I'm now officially a follower!! xx


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