Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Personal Touch

Going for complete practicality today, jeans and a tee-shirt and my converse. I wanted to focus this post on the jewelary I wore with my outfit today. I confess I am quite a centimental being. I cherish a personal meaning in the things I have which is one reason why I have so much stuff, I can never bring myself to throw anything out!!

I wore this locket today which was a special gift from my nana on my 21st birthday which as far as centimental value goes, makes this very prized in my collection. You can see it's double hinged as it opens on both sides so I can fit two photos in, whoopee! I haven't got round to cutting out two tiny photos yet, or even decided who I'd like to have hanging around my neck, but my nana suggested when she gave it to me that I put a photo of each of my boyfriends in there....good one nana, but probably won't be going for that option haha.

 The other extra special thing I flashed around today is my charm bracelet. I've been given charms by various loved ones since before I was ten and they each having their own meaning behind them.

This teapot is one of my favs. It actually opens too! I love wearing things that have a meaning behind them or are special because of who you got them from. I feel like I'm carrying a piece of the person around with me for the day.

Have you guys got anything you wear that has extra centimental value added to it?? Do you like the idea of charm bracelets and heirlooms?? xx

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