Monday, 6 August 2012

All that Glitters

Happy Monday Peoples! I hope your weekends were as lovely as mine. One of the main events to end my week was celebrating a friend's 21st birthday. It's always nice to dress up a touch more fancy and go to an extra effort for a 21st and I wrapped my outfit together with this gold glitter nail polish as the final touch. I'd seen  a lot of girls wearing it over the past month and felt compelled to join in. I was tempted to try a DIY version after another friend did so with large success however I concluded that I don't share her knack of costume makeup and would probably end up with more glitter everywhere else than on my nails.
I splashed out a whopping $7.99 for a bottle of the shiny stuff which isn't too bad I thought. However I have to confess it is probably the trickiest nail polish I've applied myself and I had to do about four coats. This was because the glitter was very good at sticking to the brush of the bottle and the glitter to clear polish ratio wasn't very high. When I was buying the stuff I also had to decide between your average tiny glitter or this larger variety. It was not easy my friends. Ahh the dilemas of consumerism....which reminds me of an essay I should be writing. Cheerio for now..xx


  1. ahaha classic LLYMRS "i'm showing my nail polish off" claw hands lol.

    1. Haha you got me! She was debs my inspiration for this one!


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