Sunday, 28 October 2012

Many Good Things

Fashion is essentially about perception. It changes the way you look and think about things. Much like this cat. When I first saw the feline on the street I think I was shocked by its appearence, but now I actually find it quite adorable. Fashion has this effect on me all the time.
 Today is my tenth day of freedom since I finished the last of my assesments towards my degree. While I studied in those last few weeks and failed at keeping up with my own blog, I pretty much kept on top of reading everyone elses on my bloglovin feed. (Follow the link on the toolbar above to add me to your own reading list.) In doing so, maybe as a result of some effective procrastination, I managed to collect a good amount of inspiration. Inspiration for DIY projects as well as some pieces to add to my own wardrobe. And now that I am free to roam and hunt and create, let me tell you, many good things are happening......

Here's a sample of the inspiration I collected which should give you a sneak peak into what I've found and what I'm making. Unfortunately I'm in Whitianga again with not much internet plus I left my camera cord behind again!! But never fear I will be back in Welly this time next week and will upload all my new treasures....

  (Images found here, here, here, here, and here.)


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